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Domestic Watch meetings

St Paul's Church, 12th Street, Parkhurst.

2012 meetings will take place on the last Thursday of the month at 2pm. 


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BP Garage Development in 4th Ave

The PVRA has been involved in ongoing discussions with Sheldon Bakos regarding the proposed developments at the site of the old BP garage on Fourth Avenue. Amongst the issues discussed were:

  • Parking – on site parking will be provided. Boomed access will enhance security whilst the planting of trees will serve to reduce the impact on neighbouring properties
  • Refuse – the refuse area will be under roof to contain noise and other pollution. No bottle discards will be made after 22:30
  • Structure – all extraction systems will be internal, i.e. channelled within the building. Lattice work will be incorporated into the design to enhance the privacy of adjacent properties
  • Landscaping – the inclusion of trees on the site will be included in the zoning conditions. Planter boxes will be used along Fourth Avenue to ensure that pedestrian traffic is not compromised
  • Lease conditions – no bars or places of entertainment will be allowed in the development. A nuisance clause will be included in all lease agreements signed by tenants. Should a tenant cause repeated nuisances their lease may be terminated. The contravention of any law or by-law (or any other local, provincial or national regulation) will constitute having created a nuisance. Noise regulations are of particular importance in this regard

The PVRA feels that the BP Development will enhance Parkhurst as a neighbourhood. It is now imperative that as a community we remain vigilant to ensure that the development criteria continue to be respected. The PVRA trusts that the issues discussed and agreed upon will be formalised very shortly.

Below is an image that shows the proposed building from the cnr of 4th Ave and 13th St.


This image that shows the proposed building plan.

Trees are to be planted around the customer parking spaces to improve the aesthetic of the site.




About Parkhurst

Parkhurst is located in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. While it is quite small, it is densely developed with over 2,200 plots each typically occupying an area of about 500m2.

Parkhurst is an eclectic neighbourhood, that has the best of the best. A vibrant European sidewalk cafe culture with some of the best restaurants in Joburg. We are neighbours who know each other's names and greet each other while having breakfast at the local coffee shop on Saturday morning. Our children play in the streets and local park and we LOVE our dogs. Anything up to 100 dogs are being walked at Verity each evening, while the owners chat and enjoy the real Village community.

The Parkhurst Village Resident Association (PVRA) is the volunteer elected representative body of the residents of Parkhurst. The PVRA also represents the 4th tier of government - acting as the link between the residents and the various authorities who run the city and the country.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the community by participating in topical discussions at meetings and contributing by paying a small annual fee to play an active role in moulding the suburb and managing changes that affect our lives.

City Enquiries & complaints011 375 5555
Police emergency10111
Parkview Police011 486 5000
Fire and ambulance10177
Crime Stop08600 10111
Joburg Metro Police011 375 9511
Netcare Emergency082 911

City Power Security Centre (cable theft)

011 490 7911
Joburg City Parks Wardens011 470 3642
Poison Information Centre0800 333 444
Life Line086 123 2322
Child Line0800 055 555
Women Abuse Helpline0800 150 150
Drug Abuse011 483 3880
Aids Helpline0800 012 322
Halt Elder Abuse0800 003 081
Trauma Clinic011 403 5102
Joburg Connect Call Centre011 375 5555
Emergency Connect
(Life threatening only)
011 375 5911
Egoli Gas011 726 1610
City Parks Hotline011 712 6600
City Water Hotline011 688 1500
Pik-it-up011 712 5200
Building Inspector:
Mr Jan Van Eden
083 450 3012
Please remember to always get a reference numbers and to send it to us when matters are not resolved timeously!
Please report ALL Suspicious Activity
NYPD0861 115216
CORE TACTICAL0861 267822
ADT0861 212400